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Joyriders - Mark NesbittMark has been organising guided mountain bike holidays for over 6 years now, but riding bikes all his life. Tired of the claustrophobic office environment, training to be a chartered accountant, Mark moved to Spain to Joyriders in 2008. Having had an amazing experience running this exciting business and spending time riding some of the best trails in Europe, circumstances changed. Missing friends & family back home, Mark relocated to the UK in 2013 bringing Joyriders with him. With many more doors open to Joyriders in the UK, Mark is very excited about where the business will go next.

Mark’s Qualifications/Experience:

British Cycling Mountain Bike Leader

ITC Emergency First Aid

ITC Outdoor First Aid

ITC First Aid for Outdoor Incident Management

OTC Outdoor Management & Leadership

OTC Train The Trainer

ROTC Graduate of the National Advanced Leadership camp (USA)



Joyriders Pete McNeilPete joined the Joyriders team in 2010, but took a break in 2012 for a bit of an adventure. Few people can say that they have ridden a bicycle around the world. Pete can. With his wife Alice, who was also part of Joyriders in 2010/11, he has just completed such a journey – 20,000km of pedaling through 22 different countries. What a honeymoon! With even more experience (and longer hair), he’s back on the team and ready to transfer his energy, passion and skills to Joyriders once again. Pete’s professional background includes working in Adventure Tourism and Retail at the highest levels.

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Pete’s Qualifications/Experience:

SMBLA (Scottish Mountain Bike Leader Award)

TCL (Trail Cycle Leader)

Mountain Trauma First Aid award

Mountain First Aid award

Achieved a Pass in the Royal Marines Officer Selection Process (He respectfully declined the offer to begin training as a RM Second Lieutenant on personal, political and moral grounds)

Copies of certificates are available on request.