Do I need to be fit?

In short, it is beneficial but not essential (see below). However, a basic level of climbing fitness and some previous experience riding a mountain bike off road does help! Due to the nature of our trails there is always going to be an element of climbing.

I'm not feeling at my fittest or I prefer more DOWN than up, can you still accommodate me?

Yes we can as we have easier routes available for intermediate riders. We can also arrange a couple of up lift days (additional cost applies) for the more gravity orientated riders, as well as tailoring our normal AM/XC routes, meaning you’ll do more down than up! Please note, advance notice (at the time of booking) is required for arranging easier weeks and/or uplift days.

How can I get the best deals on flights?

Using a price comparison website is often the most efficient way of booking flights saving you time and money. Skyscanner is a site we have used in the past:

How much does it cost to eat out?

In the local area you can eat out for about 15€ per person, which will buy you a two course meal with a drink. Menu of the day (3 course and drink) can be had for lunch from as little as 8€ per person. Home cooked meals are available at the house from as little as 12.50€ per person for a pasta dish and 17.50€ per person for Spanish and other special dishes (inc. 3 course meal and house drinks).

What do I need to bring?

European Health or EHIC card, available free from: www.dh.gov.uk
Riding helmet (no riding without these – sorry
Hydration pack 
Slime tubes (we recommend Dr Sludge inner tubes
Your usual medication/inhalers etc
A comprehensive kit list will be emailed to you once you book your holiday