Our process of teaching is methodical and tailored to your personal needs. It starts from the moment you make an enquiry and continues throughout the whole instructional process. When you make your enquiry, we will ask questions about the sort of training you are looking for. We will then offer you with a range of dates when we can meet your learning needs. This means you are getting the training that you require, which ultimately makes the most of your time with us.

Tuition methods:

We’ll ask questions about your riding etc before you book on a course (as mentioned above).

Once on the course we’ll head out for a short ride so that our instructors can assess your riding style and highlight any areas for improvement. Beginners courses will start with the basics (such as body position & bike set up), before heading out onto the trail.

We use video analysis (see below) to monitor your riding and show you in detail where improvements can be made.

Video analysis:

Using a combination of head cam and stationary camera footage, we can play back (in some cases instantly and in slow motion) your riding technique and point out the things you are doing right, as well as areas that could be improved. With slow motion capture – it’s easy to see where you might be going wrong when riding a particular bit of trail. We have found this to be a highly valuable tool when it comes to highlighting slight problems with body position etc.