Bontrager 24/12

What a great weekend! Riding, eating, drinking and a bit of racing with old friends, past guests and new guests alike.

The Joyriders camp was set up on Friday in glorious sunshine – so a great weekend was set in motion! A practice lap of the 12km course gave us some short sharp climbs and some great swoopy singletrack! Berms, roots and rocks – perfect.

After an evening sitting around the BBQ chatting and burning lots of meat we all retreated to bed – preparing for the next days race!

Saturday – Race Day

Mark did the first lap, which had some congestion – but still proved to be good fun. The odd places of mud were already starting to show signs of drying out. Anna then took over, followed by Penny and then Chris. Everyone put in some great lap times.

The second round of laps again saw the course drying out some more and spirits were still high!

The third round it rained! The course getting more and more wet and muddy (oh and dark!). With lights on we all got our third lap in, some enjoying it more than others!

We finished early at about 10:35pm after three laps each, placing 13th overall. A good thing we stopped when we did as bikes and riders started to come in broken and looking very very muddy!!

A few more beers later it was off to bed.

Sunday – still racing for some people!

Glorious sunshine awaited us as we emerged in the morning – perfect for our post ride BBQ watching the 24hr riders finish off. It was sad to wave people off as the Joyriders camp started to become deserted. But what a great weekend. Can’t wait for Sleepless in the Saddle.

See you there!

The Joyriders Race Team.

Special thanks to:

Anna and Chris (who came and raced for Joyriders at fairly short notice)
Penny (who stepped in on Saturday morning to race for us!) – Great effort Penny
Andie (Mark’s mum, for her camper van :-)
Spiuk for the Joyriders race tops and also Mark’s race shoes, shorts and glasses
Richie at Silverfish for some new Race Face baggies

No thanks to:
Breaking expensive helmets

Joyriders MTB Holidays, Bontrager 24/12,

Setting up camp early!