Brownbacks race report: By Tom Albutt

We’ve been racing again today, back at Brownbacks for round 2. It was hot but really good fun, the trails are great at Lee Quarry. I had a pretty good race and came in 5th but I was shown up by Jo who won the women’s race!

The pace was quick off the start and I tried my best to hold on to the top guys but fell back and was 7th at the end of lap 1. I was feeling good though and really enjoying the course, a mixture of smooth flowing berms with the odd jump and some steep rocky chutes, oh and steep climbs too – they don’t do flat at Lee Quarry! The dust made some sections quite tricky but it was very fast and a lot of fun. I had some good little battles throughout the race and I managed to work my way back into 5th by the end of the 7 laps. I’m pretty happy with this result in the heat and it’s an improvement on my result in round 1. I’m already thinking how I can improve for round 3 now!

Tom Albutt

Joyriders Race Team, Brown Backs,